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What The?

That was really weird hahaha but it was kinda funny...Its hard to review because i honestly cant tell how i felt about it. The voice acting was great and the tension was there but it was so freaking random and weird and just ended...I was just left staring at the screen like whaaat? It was pretty cool just.

The Oompa Loompas MADE this! :-)

This was pretty cool. The graphics were very south parkish...They werent fantastic but good in the cartoony sort of sense. Sounds were good- decent voice acting yet you might be confusing emo with "gay" i was getting gay vibes from your 3 emo dudes lol. Humor was average until the fantastic Oompa Loompas they just kicked ass. Overall this was rather comical and i enjoyed it - cheers.


That was very random hehe but not unlikeable...Yet it just didnt seem to make much sense really. The graphics were okay, nice and cartoony but far from great. Good music selection but as i said nothing with this flash was particularly stand-out...Average stuff.

FrostRhino responds:

Thanks for the review. Yup, its nothing special, didnt even plan to submit it, it was just something made while being bored at school.

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Okay, Touch ups needed.

This was alright...The boob was fun but this game was lacking. Theres something wrong with the left boob and its very difficult to keep the ball balanced for more than a very short moment. Music would have been great and some more sound effects.I liked the flexibility and movement of the boob but overall the graphics were average. This could be much better with a few minor touch ups.

Very Good

This is a very good game. It was great in terms of interaction but the graphics/animations were very reptative. The music was funky and matched the game. Violence was decent. It'd be cool if you wore makeup to show the effects as you got more beat down...So if you were on 20HP you'd have blood and discoloration. It was pretty fun all in all and i liked the difficulty settings...A good game to kill some time with.

Wonchop responds:

That would've been very hard to film. Considering how you have to remember your original position accurately.

Nothing Great.

This game just seemed to get boring fast. I understand you made it in a rush so thats okay and it has promise...The Halloween theme worked well but the music and animating was bland to me and the game didnt hold my interest for over 2 minutes.

Jindo responds:

I appreciate your honesty.

Though as usual, my art would be awesome, but on a computer it really sucks.

If it didn't corrupt, I'd have had more time to improve the levels I had, but that's just how things happened >_<.

Thanks for the review :).

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